Sir CR reddy college  (Autonomous) is committed to supporting student diversity by helping the students reach their full potential. There exists a comprehensive support system for students with disabilities in the Institution. With full and total inclusion of all individuals, the Students with Disability (SwD) policy and procedure ensuresthatstudentswithdisabilitywillnot,becauseofaparticulardisability,bedenied full and equal access to the academic programs and co-curricular activities or be subject to discrimination under programs or activities offered by Sir CRR. Sir CRR  ensures that students with disabilities have the right to develop with dignity and equality by creating an enabling environment where students can exercise, enjoy equal opportunities and participate with the rest of the studentcommunity.


1.Scope of thePolicy

The principle of individual rights and responsibilities of being the prime objective, forall pertinent activities involving the Institution’s students, the policy applies to all campus activities, placement activities & placement organizations and students, subject to the implementing legal and mandatory regulations ofUGC.



Thepoliciesapplyingtocampusactivities,organizationsandstudentsareacompendium of Institution-wide policies relating to student life. The policy describes the Institution’s guidelines applying to non-discrimination on the basis ofdisability.



In compliance with the National Policy  for  Persons  with  Disabilities  of  February  2006 and Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation)Act,1995whichprohibitsunlawfuldiscriminationonthebasisofdisability in its programs, services, and activities, the Institution has framed its policy applying to students with disability (SwD). The guidelines of the policy are designed to be consistent with the above acts. However, it is possible that these statutes may be amended in the futureand,insuchinstances,themostcurrentapplicablelawsshallrepresentInstitution policy as it applies to non-discrimination on the basis ofdisability.



Sir CR Reddy College encourages disabled students of the Institution to discuss their requirements. Keeping this foremost in thought, this policy is developed to enable equal access for studentswithdisability(SwD)andtoensurethatSir CRRisfullycompliantwithallpertinent legislations.


The term “Individual with a Disability” means any person who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, who has arecord of such impairment, or who is regarded as having suchimpairment.


Thispolicyshallapplytoallprograms,services,andactivitiesoftheInstitution,including but not limited to, admissions, registration, financial aid, academic programs, advising, counselling,studenthealth,andplacementopportunities.Eachprogramoractivity,when viewed in its entirety, shall be accessible to otherwise eligible students withdisabilities.




In providing any aid, benefit, or service, the Institution may not, directly or through

         contractual, licensing, or other arrangements, discriminate on the basis of disability     to:


  • Qualifiedindividualswithdisabilitiesmaynot,onthebasisofdisability,bedenied admission or enrolment in Institution’s classes or participation in its programs, services,oractivities,orbesubjectedtodiscriminationintheadmissionsprocess or in placementprocedures.
  • Pre-admissioninquiriesastowhetherapplicantsforadmissionarewithdisabilities may not be made, except for the purpose of admission. Post-admission inquiries may be made on a confidential basis regarding disabilities that may require special considerations ifany
  • Special admission window is applicable for students with disability and the
  • process of admission is simplified on priority basis.
  • Deny a qualified prospective student/student with a disability, the opportunity toparticipatein,orbenefitfrom,anyaid,benefit,orservicewhichtheInstitution provides.
  • Provide any qualified prospective student/student with a disability, an opportunity to participate in, or benefit from, any aid, benefits, or services that are not equal to those afforded to individuals who do not havedisabilities.
  • However the Institution will afford qualified prospective student/student with disabilitiesanequalopportunitytoobtainthesameresultorlevelofachievement in the most integrated settings appropriate to his/her needs and encourage, as appropriate, interaction among all users, including individuals withdisabilities.
  • Deny a qualified prospective student/student with a disability, the opportunity to participate as a member of student council/ boards; or any other such student bodies constituted in the Institution.
  • Otherwise limit a qualified prospective student/student with a disability, in the enjoyment of any Institution’s right, privilege, advantage or opportunity enjoyed by individuals who are not disabled.


Coordination for SwDs

  • The Head of the Equal opportunity Cell will help in coordination forSwDs.
  • All students seeking disability-related entitlement must disclose the presence of
  • a specific disability to Institution to the Principal in writing.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify, to provide current and adequate documentation of a disability to the Institution.
  • The students wherever necessary, may be required to provide additional documentation.
  • All documentation related to an applicant or student’s disability shall be kept
  • confidential and retained by the Institution.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to avail necessary auxiliary aids, services, includebutarenotlimitedtointerpreters(signororal),readers,scribes,adaptive equipment, and other appropriate services or equipment necessary for course or programaccessibility.
  • The Institution is responsible for ensuring that no qualified disabled student is denied the benefits of or excluded from participation in any program because of the absence of auxiliary aids & services.
  • All programs, services, and activities would be conducted in the most integrated settingappropriatetoadisabledstudent’sneedsandtoencourage,asappropriate, interaction among all students, includingSwDs.
  • Reasonable classroom accommodations will be provided to otherwise eligible students with disabilities who have self-identified and provided satisfactory documentation in compliance with Legal mandates.
  • Academic requirements should be modified, as necessary and appropriate, to ensure that they do not discriminate or have the effect of discriminating, on the basis of disability, against SwDs.
  • Modifications may include changes in the length of time permitted for the completion of degree requirements, substitution or waiver of specific courses required for the completion of the requirements, and adaptation of the manner in which specific courses are conducted.
  • The Institution may administer or assist in the administration of scholarships, fellowships,orotherformsoffinancialassistanceestablishedunderManagement, trusts, or similar associations/corporate that require awards to bemade
  • When assisting outside agencies, organizations, or persons in providing placement opportunities for students, the Institution would assure them that such opportunities, as a whole, are available to SwDs.
  • Personal, academic, or career counselling, guidance, and placement services would be provided without discrimination on the basis of disability


Whom to Contact

The Head of Equal Opportunity Cell is the coordinator for SwDs. The coordinator offers confidentialadvicetothestudentstoavailsupportopportunitiesthatassiststhemduring their stay at Sir CRR . The examination Centre provides academic support for the SwDs during the tests and exam time like extra time management, individual tutorials from peer students, and teachersalike.



As per the PwD Act, the enabling environment of the Institution premises where persons with disabilities have no barrier in entering it and using all the facilities therein.

  • Entrygates,
  • Ramps in thebuilding;
  • Emergency exits, Parking
  • Adaptation of toilets for wheelchair users;
  • Braille symbols and auditory signals in elevators or lifts;
  • Curb cuts and slopes in pavement inside the Institution premises

Examination Guidelines

Subject to the norms fixed by the Sir CRR college, candidates who are eligible to avail of the services of scribes, the Chief Superintendent of Examination is authorized to appoint scribes according to the following conditions:

  • No separate criteria for regularexaminations.
  • Thedisabilitycertificateissuedbythecompetentmedicalauthorityatanyplace

is accepted.

  • The facility of Scribe is allowed to anySwD.
  • The SwD can have the discretion of opting for his own Scribe with prior information.
  • The person appointed as scribe shall not be an employee of thecollege.
  • He/ she shall not be a relative of the candidates who is appearing for the examination.
  • Theeducationalqualificationofthescribeshallbelessthanthoseofthe


  • A proforma with declaration shall be obtained from thescribe.
  • The proforma signed by the scribe shall be forwarded to the office of theCOE.
  • Theprocedureofavailingthefacilityofscribeissimplewiththenecessarydetails

recorded at the time of filling up of the form.

  • The examination centre makes available suitable seating arrangement forgiving examination.
  • The examination for SwD is held at the computer centre and the examination centres is accessible forSwDs.
  • Compensatory time of examination is to be given for persons who are allowed use of scribe as per concessions mentionedbelow.
  • The decision of the Chief Officer of examination will befinal.
  • Differently abled candidates who appear for examination are allowed the following concessions such as services of scribes at the examination, extra time to complete the examination, depending on the degree and nature of disability of the candidates subject to such norms as prescribed by St Joseph’s College of Commerce.






Concession / Benefit




abled candidates with a permanent nature of physicaldisability

who are unable to move

their hands freely and write with normal speed

Extra time of 15 minutes per hour for all the examinations of the entire programme Provision of a Scribe.

Application in the prescribed form along with medical certificate and photograph


Partially blind candidates having visual standards

Extra time of 45 minutes to answer each paper of 3 hours duration with proportionate reduction for papers of shorter duration

Application in the prescribed format with certificate in original from a specialist concerned regarding visual standards/visual disability


Blind candidates

  1. Extra time of 45 minutes to answer each paper of 3 hours duration withproportionate

reduction for papers of shorter duration

  1. Benefit of a scribeto

write the examination

Application in the prescribed format with certificate in original from a specialist concerned regarding visual standards / visual disability


Mentally challenged candidates

  1. Extra time of 45 minutes to answer each paper of 3 hours duration withproportionate

reduction for papers of shorter duration

  1. Service of an Interpreter

Application in the prescribed form along with certificate from

a competent medical board specifying the disability


Complete Deaf and dumb candidates

  1. Exemption from writing the second languageexam
  2. Extra time of 45 minutes for a three hour duration ofexam

Application  in the prescribed format along with certificate froma

competent medical board specifying the



  1. GrievanceProcedures

The Institution has established various grievance procedures for students to deal with complaints and allegations of noncompliance with Institutional Guidelines. Information concerningtheInstitution’sgrievanceproceduresandredressalpolicyastheyapplytoSwD may be obtained from Campus office or Institutional website or studenthandbooks.



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