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Name of the Project

Names of the Investigators

Amount Released


A novel RP-HPLC method development and Validation of for estimation of some selected drugs in API and formulations.

  1. Dr. G Ramu

  2. Dr. B V Poornima

  3. Dr. G R Satyanarayana

Rs. 35,000/-


Enantioselective separation and quantitative analysis of some selected chiral drugs by chiral chromatography

  1. Mr. T Subrahmanyam
  2. Dr. G R Satyanarayana
  3. B Pavan Kumar,
  4. T Ratna Kumari
  5. T Priyanka
  6. P Abhiram

Rs. 40,000/-


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  1. Mr. S Ravi Kumar
  2. Ch Johnson Kendady

Rs. 30,000/-


Detection of pesticide residues on local available Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables using different analytical tools

  1. Mr. K B S Gopal
  2. Mr. V A N Satish
  3. Mr. G Kiran Kumar

Rs. 35,000/-


Analysis of heavy toxic and non-toxic elements presents in ground and surface water in Pedavegi mandal area by LCMS, ion-selective electrodes and AAS methods

  1. Dr. G R Satyanarayana
  2. N Vinay Kumar
  3. K Ramesh Naidu
  4. Mahesh Babu
  5. N Suresh

Rs. 35,000/-


Preparation and Anti-Microbial Evaluation of Novel Heterocycles

  1. Dr. B S N Murthy
  2. B Gayathri
  3. A Vasavi

Rs. 40,000/-


Synthesis and Computational Analysis of some merpholine based tetrazoles as potent antioxidant and antimicrobial agents

  1. Mr. K Johar
  2. Mr. B Manoj Kumar
  3. Dr. K A Emmanuel

Rs. 40,000/-


Quantification of antihypertensive drugs using liquid chromatographic technique in bulk and pharmaceutical formulation.

  1. Mr. T Subrahmanyam
  2. E Lavanya
  3. K Tanusha
  4. N Sitha Suprathika

Rs. 40,000/-


Bio-analytical method development and validation of Azelnidipine and Telmisartan in Rat plasma using LCMS/MS

  1. Dr. G R Satyanarayana
  2. Smt. K Sujatha
  3. Mr. T Subrahmanyam
  4. Dr. G Ramu

Rs. 40,000/-


New Analytical method for the estimation of anticancer agents and its Characterization studies by advanced chromatographic techniques.

  1. Mr. T Subrahmanyam
  2. Dr. G R Satyanarayana
  3. Dr. G Ramu

Rs. 40,000/-


One pot Tandem Approach towards the Synthesis of Benzimidazole Scaffolds

  1. Dr. B S N Murthy
  2. Ms. Ch Bhuvaneswari
  3. Mr. V A N Satish

Rs. 40,000/-


A Study on Stress management for Female employees with reference to west Godavari district, A.P.

  1. Dr. R Sreenivasa Rao
  2. Dr. S V G Apoorva

Rs. 30,000/-


Mapping of drinking water quality from different resources in the corporation area during post monsoon and pre monsoon period

  1. Mr. K B S Gopal
  2. Mr. K Ravi Kumar
  3. Smt. T Suneetha

Rs. 35,000/-


Comparative Study of active and inactive metabolites of anticovid drugs by advanced Chromatographic and spectroscopic methods

  1. Mr. S Rajkiran
  2. Dr. G Ramu
  3. Dr. G R Satyanarayana

Rs. 40,000/-


Quantification of pesticide residues in Aquatic species by LC-MS in Kolleru lake area.

  1. Mr. T Subrahmanyam
  2. G Manikanta
  3. G Swathi

Rs. 40,000/-


Characterization of Novel Stress Degradation Products of Decitabine and Cedazuridine using HPLC-MS/MS

  1. Dr. G R Satyanarayana
  2. B Upendra
  3. G Manikanta Swami
  4. V Ganesh
  5. S Chandra Sekhar

Rs. 40,000/-

Total (Rupees Six Lakhs)


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