“Capacity Building Programme” for Students to mould them towards holistic development

“Capacity Building can be defined  as  the  ability  of  individuals  and  organizations  or  organizational  units  to  perform functions  effectively,  efficiently  and  sustainably”.
This  basic  terminology  covers  three important aspects: 
(i)  capacity  building as  a  continuing process  or an  ongoing  activity 
(ii) the human resources and their empowerment are  the  most  important  aspect  of  capacity  development 
(iii)  the  function  of  the organizations plays  an important  role, especially  with implementing  strategies  for capacity development. 
This would result in good management and developing leadership at all levels. At the outset our college aims to carry out the capacity building of Individuals i.e., students, faculty and administrative staff. 

So we work at different levels:
Individual level: Finding ways to support individuals which includes teachers, heads of institutions, quality coordinators, students and researchers as they face the demands of new developments in the delivery side of education. 
The Career Counseling and Placement Cell of the college helps the students become employable. CCPC conducts various workshops and training programmes to enhance their personality by motivating the students and helping them to get the jobs.  Information regarding any job opportunity or acquiring higher education in reputed Institutes are regular circulated among the students on the WhatsApp group made by the concerned teacher in-charge of Career Counseling and Placement Cell.  Reciprocating the action, the students also inform the result in the group if somebody gets placed or goes for higher studies or pass the competitive examination (NET/SET/GATE/MPSC/UPSC etc.) the in-charge teacher maintains the record.  The Counselling Centre provides counselling services to the students in the form of personal and vocational guidance.
We organize capacity building programmes both independently and in collaboration with Institutions, Universities, Government bodies and departments. Especially the college ahas a tie-up with APSSDC for govt. of AP and has been organising various training programmes for the students.
We organize CBP in the following areas:
Our aim is to strengthen Teachers, Education Administrators, Researchers, of the College. We extend our support through Mentoring, Training Programme, Workshop and Consultation in following areas:
 For Teachers and Heads of Institutions
Teacher Development
Teaching-Learning & Pedagogy
Research Skill and Methodology
Curriculum Development
Institutional Management
Leadership Development
Best Practices & Innovation
Quality Management
Courses and Workshops for Research Scholars
Research Skill and Methodology

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