Strategic Plan

In order to have a better structure to the strategic plan, the IQAC has developed FIVE Pillars of knowledge delivery encapsulating all our umbrella goals: They are: 

1. Admissions & Selection:- Enroll, educate and graduate the most promising, deserving an diverse student pool possible.

2. Academic System:- Motivate all students with an education that is innovative, distinctive, and of the highest quality, and that instilling in them a zest for learning.

3. Faculty Excellence:- Maintain and enhance efforts to recruit, nurture, and retain diverse faculty members who are the best teachers.

4. Student outcome:- Improve our outputs by enhancing academic, excellence, creativity in and out students and thereby contribute to the betterment of society.

5. Infrastructure:- Create a most modern and conductive  educational environment which facilitates free thinking and efficiencies knowledge delivery system. 

            The IQAC will gather inputs from students, faculty, administrators and advisory committees regarding continued appropriateness of strategic goals and objectives.  These inputs are collected during faculty meetings, meetings with student council and meetings with various statutory and advisory committees.  IQAC will suggest changes to strategic goals and objective s as necessary.





Ensuring Quality in Education by providing distinct environment of academic excellence with Social commitment and inculcation of values in young and aspiring minds.


We are committed to:


  1. To develop application-oriented courses, with necessary inputs and values with a view to shape the learners for all-round development.
  2. To cultivate knowledge skills, values and Confidence in the students to grow, thrive and prosper.
  3. To promote academic exchange and strengthen academic industry interfacing exploring the technology available.
  4. To instigate the spirit of enquiry, integrity, leadership and deep sense of social justice among students.
  5. To provide life skills for a successful career and combat the competition in the society.



  1. Achieving academic excellence by curriculum orientation and fostering experiential learning ICT.
  2. Exploration of knowledge through innovation and research providing inclusiveness to local needs of the society.
  3. Exponent for developing all sound  personality with global vision and social responsibility.
  4. Relentlessly pursue institutional effectiveness through Quality assurance systems.
  5. To enable the communities to solve their manifold problems scientifically with appropriate skills.



  1. EXCELLENCE: We strive to achieve academic excellence by setting suitable standards for the recruitment of our faculty, performance of students and faculty.
  2. INTEGRITY: We adopt truthfulness, fairness and transparency in conducting institutional activities as a means to achieving holistic development.


  1. TEAM WORK: We encourage team work in all kinds of institutional activities and create environment involving all stakeholders to contribute by offering valuable suggestions for institutional development.
  1. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We inculcate values among students for good citizenry contributing national development.
  1. IDVERSITY & EQUAL OPPORTUNITY:We Provide equal opportunity for one and all by offering an environment for diversity of thought, ideology and approach.


Strategic Goals:- The institution aspires to raise the platform of teaching, learning, research, student – support; extension consultancy and innovations along with the rise in prestige, realizing very well that it would be no mean task, and resting assured that it is possible with the concerted efforts of the stakeholders.

            The strategic plan for 2017-2027 identified ‘3’ core areas of development for the institution.

  • Improving Teaching –Learning experience in campus.
  • Strengthening the research domains of the college.
  • Extending the social work domains of the college for giving light to this vision the 3 main goals are subdivided further for more clarity and to make the achievement of this vision much easier.

I. Improving Teaching – Tearing Experience the Campus

Focus Area 1:         Enhancement of ICT enabled T-L measures.

Focus Area 2:         Coaching and exposure programms for career development.

Focus Area 3:         Involvement in academic & non-academic extension


Focus Area 4:         Introduction of new programmes & values added course.

Focus Area 5:         Setup a community college.

II. Strengthening the Research & Development of the College

Focus Area 1:         Identity areas of Research in all Depts.

Focus Area 2:         Undertake & Evaluate the selected Res. Projects.

Focus Area 3:         Apply for funding of Res. Project  to Govt. & Private agencies.

Focus Area 4:         Train the faculty in emerging areas at R & D

Focus Area 5:         Conduct W/S, seminars as identified by the Depts.

Focus Area 6:         Offer consultancy services to industries & other clients.

Focus Area 7:         Recruit senior faculty members with required expertise.


III.  Extending the Social work domains of the college

Focus Area 1:         Commencing Programmes for the welfare of local women and unemployed girls in adopted villages.

Focus Area 2:         Adopting schools in the neighborhood for sharing knowledge and skills.

Focus Area 3:         Undertaking non-academic, philanthropic extension work at institutions for the aged, silk and the disabled.

Focus Area 4:         Service of the faculty to be extended to other institutions in a faculty exchange programme.




I. Improving Teaching – Learning Experience in the campus


Focus Area 1 :     Enhancement ICT enabled T-L measures.


Goal 1 : Sift skill up gradation of students and staff

Sub Goal -1:Skill Development and grooming activities will be provided to students by providing them training on software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premise Pro; how to prepare multimedia materials, along with their regular course work.


Sub Goal -2:An online courses for creating Web-pages will be started for students as well as staff.


Goal -2: Enhancements in ICT

Sub Goal -1:Increase ICT and LCD smart boards enabled classrooms.

Sub Goal-2: To enable video conferencing of Educationists with students and staff from different organizations, institutions, thereby providing insights to our students about different aspects of subjects they are studying.


Goal -3: E- Content Development for all subjects

Sub Goal -1:The will seek the support of academic experts as well as technical & production experts and establish partnership with IT industry for the realization of E-content development.

Sub Goal -2:The e-content development to be made available in the college website.

Sub Goal -3:The e-content to be made available at the UGC info net, and can be easily accessed by teachers and students all over.


Focus Area 2 : Coaching and Exposure Programmes for Career Development

Goal -1:Provide additional opportunities for internships, Job shadowing and work experience to help students apply learning to career.

Goal -2:Create opportunities for faculty professional development, including participation in workshops seminars and retreats, as well as leadership training programme to facilitate career development.

Goal -3:Innovative laboratory exercises.  The students should be able to conduct the existing Lab practicals in innovative way which will stein them towards creative and critical thinking. 

Goal -4:Expand linkages with major institution and industries.

Sub Goal -1:Eminent Personalities / Experts from the Industry / Institutions will be invited to the campus to deliver expert lecture on modern / contemporary issues of different domain subjects; and interact with the students concerned.

Sub Goal -2:  To conduct seminars / workshops / conferences / training programmes in collaboration with globally and nationally registered industries.

Goal -5:Programmes to be held after college.  

Sub Goal -1:Programmes to be held after college hours regularly and is attended by a stream of students.  Interactive sessions will be arranged for them with the experts from the industry.

          Invited talks and seminars will be conducted by IQAC to enable students to develop aptitude for and the requirements for the job market.

Sub Goal-2:To augment  career counseling Academic counseling along with personal counseling that will result in self- confidence, assertiveness, self-esteem and stress management.

Sub Goal-3:Mock interviews with professionals as resources persons all also be arranged.


Focus Area 3: Involvement in Academic and Non-Academic Extension Activities:

Goal -1: Fostering global competencies

Goal -2: Augment the conduct of more Certificate courses, Exhibitions, Quizzes, Seminars, Interactions with academic / industrial experts, visits to institutions, industries etc.

Goal 3: General extension programmes will be coordinated by NSS/NCC/YRC/ RRC/WEC  etc.

Goal 4: Commence vocational certificate / Diploma / Advance Diploma / Degree Courses.  The proposed courses are related to Computer Science, Commerce, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry & Physics courses.


Focus Area 4 : Introduction of New Programmes / Enrichment Courses

Goal–1: Implementation of zero hour for undertaking the employable Certificate / Diploma courses.

Goal–2: Initiating collaborative programmes between Depts. and between intuitions in most disciplines.

Goal–3: Strengthening orientation for empowering students.

Goal–4: Programmes that channel students towards research, crtial & creative thinking with innovative concepts.

Goal–5: Specifal programmes focus on unprivileged and valuable sections of the society.

Goal–6: Conduct of Green Audit of the campus with technical assistance from a professional / Govt. Agency and setting up a core team of skilled and professional trained faculty for the conduct of the same in future.

Goal–7: Develop & Train students in making market soaps detergents, cosmetics, herbal medicines.  That would be free from harmful chemical agents and will contribute towards building a healthy society.

Goal–8: Faculty and students linkage and exchange programmes.


Focus Area 5: Setup a Community College

Goal–1: The Concept if ‘Community College’ is to provide access for suitable employment to the economically challenged youth of the nearby villages (Adopted) through a broad spectrum of Job oriented and skill based / Credit charged Diploma / Certificate courses they could choose from, on the basis of need demand and viability.

          The proposed courses include certificate courses in

  • Book Binding & Reprography
  • Tailoring
  • DTP
  • Embroidery & Jewelry making
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Organic farming
  • Nursery & Gardening Practices
  • Accounting & Tally
  • Repair of Electronic & Electrical Equipment / items
  • Bio fertilizers & Organic manure etc.


III. Strengthening Research & Development

Focus Area 1 : Identity  Important areas of Research in all Depts.

Goal -1 :Selection of the Depts. for R & D activities.

Goal-2 :Identification of project leader for each project.

Goal-3 :Convene the meeting to select the area of research in each selected depts..

Goal-4 :Preparation of Project Proposal and submission to the Principal.

Focus Area 2 : Undertake & Evaluate the selected Research Projects

Goal-1 :Procurement of recurring & Non recurring materials required for the project.

Goal-2 :Identifying the resource persons to seminar / workshop planned.

Goal-3 :Apply for funding to agencies including the management.

Goal-4 :Preparation of Brochure and sending various colleges, organization, institutions to participate & present papers.

Goal-5 :Formation of various committees to organize seminar.

Goal-6 :Conducting the Seminar / Workshop

Goal-7 :Submission of the final report to funding agencies along with utilization certificates etc.

Focus Area 6: Offer consultancy Services to industries and Other client able group. 

Goal-1 :Identification of the Industry / Corporation Sector.

Goal-2 :Discussion with the industries and signing MoU.

Goal-3 :Carryout the activities included in the MoU

Focus Area 7: Recruit Senior Faculty with required expertise

Goal-1 :Organize Personal contact / paper advertisement.

Goal-2 :Conduct interviews and recruit the eligible faculty.

Goal-3 :Assign R&D work as per their area of specialization and assign targets for Re. Publications etc.

3. Extending the social work domains of the collect


Focus Area 1 : Commencing programs for the welfare of local Women and unemployed Girls in adopted villages.

            The aim is to make the Women and Girls of adopted villages empowered in computer and mobile application.  The social work established by the college in Jalipudi – Adopted village is a vocational centre that offers training in various skills like. DTP in Computer, Cutting & Tailoring, Embroidery, Glass painting, Making handicrafts items, Artificial bangles making etc.  The center will   continue to conduct awareness programs about issues related to women and girls for the benefit of local women. Speak and communicate in English is also planned by the Depts. of English.  The women empowerment cell C R Reddy college regularly conducts awareness  for local women & girls on various issues related to them.  To live happy and lead healthy life.


Focus Area 2 : Adopting schools in the neighborhood for sharing knowledge and skills:

            A few Depts. especially Science Depts. provide academic extension to the students of nearly schools these involve in giving practical orientation in the science laboratories on certain days in a week by visiting these schools or by making arrangements for these students to come to the college on Saturdays for availing the service.

            In addition exhibition will be held to the  schools students by science depts. like Botany, Zoology, Physics, Electronics, Computers science, Geology and Chemistry, Quiz programmes are also planned and conducted by many depts.  for school students some depts. have proposed to conduct orientation / refresher course to school teachers in the corresponding subject.  Inter school completion on various item also planned.


Focus Area 3: “Undertaking non-academic, Philanthropic extension work at institution few the aged, sick and the disabled.”


            Almost all the Depts. regularly undertake non-academic extensions for the aged, sick and the disabled.  This involves regular visits after class hours or during weekends to provide housekeeping assistance, consolation conversations, entertainment programs like Bhakti songs, Cultural dance etc. apart from financial and material aid.  Providing palliative care and donating blood are some of the other relief providing measure undertaken by the students and the faculty associations with NSS, NCC, YRC, RRC & WEC and other depts.


Focus Area 4: “Services of the faculty to be extended to other institutions in a faculty exchange programme”

            A few Depts. of the college have been successfully conducting the exchange of the faculty for enhanced interaction and augmentation of knowledge in the prescribed curriculum / syllabus. Besides, the faculty of the college are regularly giving invited talks and offering their expertise as resource persons in national / international seminars / workshops conducted in other institution.  These lendable practices are to be spread into all depts..  in such way that at least one faculty exchange programme will be undertaken by a Dept. in every semester.   An understanding will be reached regarding this will select institutions of the town and nearly ‘places / colleges’

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