Digital Intiatives

Digital & ICT Initiatives

The institution strongly believes in continuous self assessment and self improvement with a self critical bent of mind, pragmatic approach and self conscious activity. Therefore the institution regularly updates the IT facilities including Wi-Fi in the college. The college has 07 computer labs which facilitate nearly 300 computers. The College has AP State Skill Development Center (APSSDC) both UG &PG and in both the centers we have 60 laptops & 60 Tabs. In both UG & PG we have 25 Departments in total which are provided with desktops with internet facility. The systems are controlled by Kaspersky  antivirus which is a licensed version. In few departments the staff members are also provided with desktops with internet connectivity. The total number of computers in the college is 400 and student - strength of the college is 3000 and so the student computer ratio is 7.5:1.

The college has internet center for both UG & PG separately. In both the internet centers there are 30 desktop computers connected with internet facility. The internet connection is a high speed leased line of 100 Mbps. Under the IT Policy the management of the college upgraded the institution with ERP facility. We have 8 sister institutions under the same management and all are LAN connected with the server at the management office. Because of ERP facility the students can pay the fee directly with their smart phones using Unique ID. The staff members’ biometric attendance and salary bills are generated through ERP system.

The college is under CCTV camera surveillance. The Central Research Lab is also provided with hi-speed computers of large storage. All cells such as women empowerment center, Dean of Academic Affairs, IQAC, web room, Entrepreneurship cell, NSS units, NCC unit, Red Ribbon Club, Youth Red Cross, Alumni Association, and Anti-Ragging cell are each provided with a computer & internet connectivity. In the academic year 2020-2021, the management established MAT Lab with 30 systems, Simulation Lab with 30 systems and Capacity Building Center with smart board computer all connected with internet facility. Under RUSA 2.0, we have installed 30 systems, 3 virtual class rooms and one digital podium. These 30 systems are used as English Language Lab with communication software.

In addition to this we have 30 ICT class rooms. All rooms are provided with LCD Projector, Computer, Rolling Screen and Internet facility. A separate time table will run for the use of ICT class rooms.

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