Objectives & Core Values

  • Enforce          enhancement programs to strengthen the Quality of teaching faculty by providing the infrastructure support.


  • Encourage     full autonomy to the Depts/ college to seek innovation from within the departments & invite proposals for new academic and research programmes to enable knowledge development and management.


  • Attract           best students and provide high achievement programmes to enable development of knowledge leaders with specific emphasis for students from rural areas.


  • Create           the facilitation of knowledge driven society and blend them within a culturally diverse community


  • Develop         futuristic academic programmes with an emphasis on an employability & skill oriented programmed to satisfy the market needs of the nation.


  • Improve:        the Quality of teaching and learning environment by promoting foundation level knowledge in basic disciplines to help the faculty, revisit fundamental                 principles understand the extent of changes and awareness in their subject areas and grow towards the realities of global competitiveness in education                                   management.


  • Use                 the very best educational technology, in teaching methods by providing facilities to all departments and encourage new inter-disciplinary research                programmes / action research projects.


  • Enhance         touching and research methodologies, support systems and infrastructure to better some the students.


  • Strengthen     the common library and linked the departments by LAN to make use of Library services effectively modernisation and networking reed to be provided beyond  daylight hours, holidays & vacations.


  • Encourage     industry, academia interaction and promote entrepreneurship through a diverse community, academic programmes for quality education.

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