Infrastructure - Procedures And Policies

Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academic and

Support facilities, Laboratory, Library, Sports Complex, Computers and Classrooms


The  college  follows  systematic  procedure  in  purchasing,  maintaining  and  utilizing  the equipment.


1. College Library


1 (a) Maintenance of College Library

  • Library functions between 9 am and 6 pm on all working days.
  • Library   stocks   are   classified   into   science,   humanities,   computers,   reference   and competitive examinations.
  • New arrivals are displayed in the new arrival rack.
  • Library committee with the Principal,  staff members and students is convened once in a year and to offer suggestions.
  • Adequate number of fire extinguishers are installed and maintained
  • Books and materials are properly maintained.


1 (b) Utilization of Library

  • Useful newspaper clippings about the College, job, awards, research etc. are displayed.
  • Digital library with 2 servers and 20 client computers is available for users to download E- books and e-journals using INFLIBNET database.
  • A reading room with books and periodicals to prepare for UPSC, APPSC, Banking, NET, SET etc. is available.
  • Staff and students can borrow books using their ID card.
  • Braille materials are available for the visually challenged students.
  • Ours is a referral library for research scholars and students of neighboring colleges.
  • Photocopying, printouts from internet and scanning facilities are offered.
  • Solar power is available for system backup.


2. Classrooms

2 (a) Maintenance of Classrooms

  • Campus Maintenance Committee of the college performs the building maintenance and the repair works inside the campus.
  • All classrooms have adequate furniture, Lights, fans and multiple electrical points.
  • Repair   works,   white washing and   painting of   building,   replenishment   of   furniture, blackboard, electrical and plumbing are carried out every year.
  • Academic blocks are installed with lightning arresters and pure RO water supply.
  • Every academic block is provided with generator and solar power.


2 (b) Utilization of Classrooms

  • After working hours the classrooms are utilized to conduct department association meetings, competitions and certificate courses for students.


3. Computer

3 (a) Maintenance of Computer

  • All computers and air conditioners in the labs are serviced by trained technicians from companies under AMC or Private Service Personnel.
  • Only high rated computers are procured for labs (DELL, HP etc.) with adequate power backup facilities (UPS, Generator, Solar Energy).
  • To provide computers for each student, timetable for practical classes is designed in advance.
  • Every Computer is provided with Anti-Virus software.
  • Computer Networks in the campus with LAN, are maintained.
  • The internet service in the college is provided by ACT through a separated leased line with 100 MBPS speed.
  • Fire extinguishers are installed and maintained in all computer laboratories.


3 (b) Utilization of computer

  • Students are motivated to pursue course in NPTEL, SWAYAM and other online education platforms.


4. Laboratory

4(a) Maintenance of Laboratory

  • Stock Register is maintained in all departments to enter items regularly.
  • Internal stock verification is done every year by a committee constituted by the Principal.
  • Instruments and equipment are serviced under AMC / per call scheme.
  • Fire extinguishers are installed and maintained in all laboratories.
  • Follow up action is taken on the committee’s recommendations.
  • Whitewashing the labs and maintenance of materials is done every year.


4(b) Utilization of Laboratory

  • Preparing and following lab timetables.
  • Theory papers are suitably supplemented with practical papers.
  • Science exhibition for school students & consultancy works are carried out in the laboratories.


5. Sport Complex

5 (a) Maintenance of Sport Complex

  • A systematic procedure is adopted for the purchase and maintenance of sport infrastructural facilities.
  • Two Physical Education Directors educate and motivate the students to participate in sports activities in the college. They regularly conduct trials in indoor and outdoor stadia.
  • The markers maintain the play-field and supply the play kits.
  • Electrification and water supply in the sport complex are monitored and maintained.
  • Physical stock verification and equipment maintenance are done.
  • Two indoor gyms one for exclusively women are being maintained time to time.
  • Waking track is being maintained.


5 (b) Utilization of Sport Complex

  • The Indoor Stadium and Fitness Centre enable the students and staff to keep fit.
  • Waking track is made available for the public also.
  • The promising players in Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball and weight lifting undergo regular practice in indoor stadium.
  • Two clay courts are available, in which tennis coaching is being offered.
  • The outdoor sports facilities are used to host Inter-Collegiate Tournaments, State and District level Tournaments and the college annual sports day every year.
  • Students and staff undergo yoga practice.


Apart from the above the annual stock is being verified in the summer vacation. The lab assistants are provided with job chart to perform their duties. The principal conducts review meeting with HOD’s after completion of the academic year, and also the academic and administrative audits are being done.  In summer vacation repairs and maintenance equipment is taken up apart from painting work for the class rooms and buildings. The broken and un-repairable stock and wastage of old student records are being disposed with the permission of the management.



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