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S.No Name of Journal S.No. Name of Journal
01 Annals of Lib and Inf Studies 17 Ind J of Pure and App.
02 Bhava's Journal 18 Ind.J of Public Administration
03 Current Lit of Sci and Sci 19 Ind.J of Sedimantology
04 Currient Science 20 Ind.J of Training and development
05 Decision 21 Inspirational Quote
06 Down to Earth 22 Journal of Bio-Science
07 Eco and Ind Growth Analysis 23 J.of Indian writing in English
08 Far eastern Eco review 24 J of Scientific and Indu Research Litt.
09 Ind J of BIo-Chem and Bio-Phy. 25 Littcrit
10 Ind J of Bio-Tech 26 Management Account
11 Ind J of Chem 27 National Geography
12 Ind J of Ind  Rel. 28 National Academy of Sci Letters
13 Ind Eco and Soc history review 29 Poet
14 Ind Lit. 30 Resonance
15 Ind J of Pure and applied math 31 The Book review
16 Ind Management    


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